3. Add Network to Metamask

This page will guide you how to add Blockchain Network on your metamask wallet

Add Network

  • Via Metamask Extension :

    • Open your Metamask extension or app.

    • Click on your account icon in the top right corner.

    • From the dropdown menu, select "Select Network" in the left corner

    • In the Settings menu, scroll down and find the "Networks" section.

    • Click on "Add Network."

    • Click “Add” or “Add Network” If the network that you looking for had not found

    • You will see a form with the following fields:

      • Network Name: Give the network a name (e.g., "Custom Network").

      • New RPC URL: Enter the RPC (Remote Procedure Call) URL for the network you want to add.

      • Chain ID: Provide the Chain ID associated with the network.

      • Symbol: Enter the network's cryptocurrency symbol (e.g., ETH).

      • Block Explorer URL: Optionally, you can add the URL for a block explorer specific to this network.

    • Fill in these details based on the information provided for the custom network you want to add.

  • Via Chainlist.org :

    • Access the Chainlist website (chainlist.org).

    • On the Chainlist website, you'll find a list of various networks.

    • Search and select the network you want to add.

    • Click on the network you've chosen

    • Click “connect Wallet”

    • Click "Add to Metamask". This action will automatically show the required network details in your Metamask extension or app.

    • Once the details are filled, you need to confirm or save the network settings in Metamask.

    • After that, the custom network was added to your Metamask.

    • Now you can select it from the network dropdown in Metamask to switch to this custom network.

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