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🆕Things to know: Beta V.1.4

New fresh updates exclusively from Ramps Normies!

You definitely do not want to miss these updates:

New Coin: SOLANA! Hear me out, hear me out - Calling all SOL Troops to onboard to normies because you are now able to top up or withdraw SOL on our platform! But before that please do hear out our house rules for this new onboarded coin.

a. If you are trying to do the transaction via your mobile phone, we recommend you open Ramps Normies through the wallet application that you have installed instead of your local browser.

b. If you have previously connect your non-SOLwallet to our platform, we will treat your new SOLwallet as a new account, so you will have to re-fill your name to comply to our legality rules.

c. SOL transactions (transfer/withdraw) will take approximately 40-50sec to be validated by the blockhain, so please be patient as your transaction is on the process of being validated.

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