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🆕Things to know: Beta V.1.3

Things that you should definitely know about our newest update from Ramps Normies!

  1. Withdrawal 100% Amount Improvement

With this new version, you'll notice now that for every 100% withdrawal request, your final amount will have a slightly different number than your max balance due to the estimated fee projection for your transaction. with this improvement, you don't have to worry anymore if your max amount won't be processed due to insufficient amount for gas/network fee.

  1. New Coin: ZKSYNC Era!

You see it right! We're adding zkSync Era to our Etherium family on ramps normies. You may now easily transfer or withdraw zkSync Era at anytime, anywhere! but before that - take a warning that for every zkSync Era transaction might take 9-10 minutes of process to approve your transaction due to the amount of blocks (Apprx. 500 Blocks) that Ramps Normies have decided to take an approval.

Enjoy the newest version of us!

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