Things to know: Beta V.1 Update

What is new for the beta version of Ramps Normies

As we have leveled up to our Beta phase, there are some exciting news for our normies to take into account!

  1. Open Public As per Beta Mode is up, users can now connect wallet without having to log-in anymore. Users will automatically be directed to the transaction interface once landed from All EVM-chain wallets are connectable to our platform.

  2. Fee Beta Mode We are now currently formulating a fee structure. With that having said, users may now see the potential fee that is prolly gonna be charged in the future per transaction. But please be reminded that those numbers are not the final formula. We are still trying to find the best and most efficient formula in order for our users to get the most affordable cost! But worry not, during this beta phase, everything is still FREE of charge.

  3. New Engine for on ramps transaction Our on ramps flow is now leveled up! We are now fully automated and is now connected to third party CEX in order to complete our liquidity flow so that our users can now create more transactions without having to worry about maintenance no more!

  4. 1 Withdrawal Account, 1 Wallet Address Users now can only link 1 withdrawal account (VA or E-Wallets) to only 1 wallet address. there can not be a multiple wallet address having the same 1 withdrawal account in order for our platform to comply with the local's law and regulation. Users may still be able to add more withdrawal account under 1 wallet address as long as it is not linked to other wallet address.

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